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Time to Lock and Load! Trigger Happy Shooting is a fun-filled, immersive shooting range experience built to entertain both the casual gamer and marksman alike. We designed an intuitive gun control system and gameplay mechanic that “aims to please”: realistic yet easy to learn. Most of all, Trigger Happy Shooting makes shooting targets a great challenge and fun for all ages!   


Immerse yourself in several environments and challenges paired with a large selection of guns that you may unlock as you improve your marksmanship. The game provides hours of entertainment and variety while mirroring realistic scenarios as each weapon reacts differently from bullet capacity to aiming and even recoil.   Since this is VR and you are completely safe, there is nothing to worry about. Come on over, get your fix, let loose, go wild, and get a little Trigger Happy.


Trigger Happy Shooting includes:

  • A full tutorial and natural, easy-to-learn controls/movements

  • Guns, Guns, and Mo’ Guns!  Pistols, Shotguns, SMGs, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, LMGs, oh yeah!

  • 12 challenges scattered throughout multiple maps, including timed scenarios

  • Rewarding achievements and new guns unlock as you progress through the game

  • Receive bonus points for headshots and completing each challenge before time runs out

  • Wall of Achievements tracks your performance and milestone accomplishments

  • Much Much More

Big thanks to SweViver for posting Trigger Happy Shooting's very first game play video!
Kudos to Rowdy Guy for his hilarious YouTube review!
Much love to VoodooDE representing us from Germany!
Thanks to The Sethioz Project for representing cheap, legit games!