Creating Virtual Worlds

Metaverse Technology is a Taiwan Government award-winning company that specializes in developing First Person Shooter experiences for Virtual and Mixed Reality, haptic tracking devices that can sync real and/or toy guns into gaming controllers, and replicable solutions for full-scale VR entertainment centers.


 Through our interactively designed game scenarios, we maximize the realism of VR, cultivate teamwork, improve communication, foster leadership skills, and build unforgettable bonds amongst the diverse array of enthusiasts who have visited our facility.

As a company constantly evolving with the latest technology, Metaverse focuses on creating software and hardware that blur the lines between the virtual world and our physical surroundings, giving players a new dimension of exploration and immersion. 

Steve Hsia
CEO / Founder
Shang Liu
VP of Sales for North America
Charles Chang
VP of Sales for Asia
Chiao - I Chang
VP of Communication
Shinnie Chen
General Manager

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